Trombonist/composer Jeremy Starpoli has been developing his unique musical interests in the Northeast for the past nine years. His compositions and improvisations explore the fundamental parameters of musical sound (pitch, rhythm, loudness and tone color) as a basis for creating detailed worlds of sound that follow a logic shared throughout his music. He was a member of the Correspondence Quartet (with Jackson Moore, Jessica Pavone and Seth Dellinger), who toured the U.S. with their unique approach to musical communication strategies that guided real-time group improvisation within larger compositional maps. A 4-CD boxed set of their extensive live performances is available from North Country Distribution. Starpoli has also performed and recorded with the Middletown Creative Orchestra (documented on Newsonic Recordings), toured with the power-noise-core band Squidlaunch, and collaborated with electronic noise artist Dan Greenwood (a.k.a. Diagram: A).

Jeremy Starpoli

Currently, he is working with the Jeremy Starpoli Trio (featuring bassist Nat Baldwin and drummer Ben Karetnick), developing his concepts of tonal and atonal pitch strategies, extreme dynamic changes and vast explorations of tone color within structures that are accessible and engaging. He is also playing and recording with the Speak Your Mind duo with bassist Chris Rovegno. Their unique palette of pitch and interval approaches takes place in a free-flowing and highly rhythmic context, and can be heard on their CD, Simple Maps, available from Living Systems Recordings.

photo: Emily Daniell

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